Pic of Sunday, October 30th, 2016


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(In case you can’t tell–Key: left, Minho: middle, Taemin: right)

One thought on “Pic of Sunday, October 30th, 2016

  1. Welcome to Cybuster’s Pic of the Week Review! 😀 This pic will be the last for October; a month that has been pretty disappointing. Here’s hoping that the month will go out with a bang…

    Pose: Thanks, T4L. Other than Minho, I would not have known who the other two were. This pose is stupid. It has the three of them laying in some big bird’s nest with white feathers scattered in the nest. Minho is oddly holding on to some big feather, and the twigs, leaves and whatever else is on them is an eyesore. I don’t get this. Are they baby birds that are waiting for their mother to come back? Who’s idea was this shot? So what is good about this pose you ask? Nothing! I guess it’s trying to be artistic, but not every piece of art is a masterpiece. 1/10

    Outfits: Leaves and feathers? In all seriousness, it’s some black pants, boots, and sweaters. From what I can gather; Key looks as if he is dressed the best, while Minho would come in last. All this nature piled upon them distracts from their actual clothing, which, in general seems to be okay. I wish there were some diversity in their outfits though. :/ 6/10

    Hairstyles: Really can’t make out Key and Taemin’s, but I can see Minho’s well enough. Too bad I don’t care for that curly hair of his. All their colors are adequate, I suppose. Still, not being able to tell the other two makes this a really poor rating. 3/10

    Overall – 4/10

    Hate to admit it, but this month went out with a dud. The leaves, twigs, hair, and the whole idea of them sleeping in some nest is disturbing. I didn’t not like this pic.

    Time to show how bad or good October was…

    7/10 – The Autumn Key – 10/2
    6.5/10 – The Bland Group Pic – 10/9
    7.5/10 – Taemin in the Antique Store -10/16
    8.10 – Onew and Jonghyun – 10/23
    4/10 – The Trio Asleep in the Nest – 10/30

    Well, there you have it. Not much, huh?

    That’s all for October. I’ll see you in November with some more pics to rate. Whether they will be good pics or not, remains to be told…


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