“Two Men” Trailer

Did they change the translation for the movie title? Honestly, there’s been so many! The original translation is “Two Men” but call it whatever you want 🙂


3 thoughts on ““Two Men” Trailer

    • Jin-Il (Minho) and Ga-Young (the girl) are teen runaways. They stay with other runaway kids and work part-time jobs. Sometimes, they resort to stealing to survive. They are now out of money, but scheme to get some money. Ga-Young lures Hyung-Suk (the other main guy along with Minho) to a motel. Their scheme soon goes awry, with Ga-Young becoming a hostage. Jin-Il must find a way to save her.

      “Derailed” describes the world as a jungle where only the strong survive. Fighting between the runaway teenagers is not uncommon, neither is the exploitation of these youngsters by adults, but there are teenagers conning the grown-ups too. A tyrannical man in the outside world can be an affectionate father to his daughter, but in a place where the law and system don’t function at all, two men-one a grown-up, the other just a boy-battle for survival.

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