Send Onew Lots of Love!

There’s an Onew-anti (can you believe they exist?) who is gathering other antis and saying how they’re going to go on his Instagram and leave comments telling him to leave. They call him “useless”…okaaaaay…

Of course, they might be trolls and probably won’t really do anything, but if you guys could leave comments on Onew’s Instagram that would be great. Just positive stuff and showing him he’s loved! Therefore, if the antis do say hateful things then Onew won’t see them through all the love comments. If you don’t know what to say, just leave him hearts 🙂

Lots of Shawols/MVPs have already left tons of hearts and “I love you” comments–Onew probably has no idea what’s going on XD

Never let the most useful member, the Leader, think he’s useless, okay? 😀 ❤


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