Review: “1 and 1” 5th Album Repackage

1: “Tell Me What To Do”

This is a favorite title track in awhile for me, actually. Well, there was “MTTM”…so apart from that? I don’t think I’ve loved a title track this much (in terms of Korean title tracks) since “Sherlock”. The vocals are really amazing in this! I wasn’t sure if I would like the EDM in the background (it sounds cute, haha) but it worked out well.

2: “별빛 바램 (Wish Upon a Star)”

It’s very pretty! They know I’m a sucker for violins XD I do prefer other ballads much more so this one doesn’t fall at the very top of my list. Still nice, though!

3: “한마디 (Beautiful Life)”

One of the best on the album! I’m actually blessed to be able to hear Minho’s voice, too ❤

4: “Rescue”

This chorus has a way of getting stuck in your head XD Another good song on this repackage! Honestly, everything is good ❤

5: “If You Love Her”

This!  This has made it into my favorite ballad list!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

I’m not going to review the instrumentals because…yeah…they’re just instrumentals ^^;;

For the songs that appear on “1 of 1” you can go here –>

Rating: 5/5 Stars

I feel like I haven’t been able to rate anything fives stars lately, so this makes me happy! 😀 ❤



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