Jonghyun Twitter Updates

“태민아 축하해!!

리허설하느라 못봤지만 너무 자랑스럽네요ㅠㅜ

빨리 집가서 다시보기로 봐야지!!”

Trans: “Congratulations Taemin-ah!!

I couldn’t watch because I was rehearsing but I’m so proudㅠㅜ

I’ll go home quickly and watch it!!”


cr: realjonghyun90

“상이 전부는 아니지만 태민이가 노력하고 보여주려고 생각한 것들이 사람들에게도 전해졌다는 의미일에요! 앞으로도 치열하게 움직일 태민이를 위해 박수를!


Trans: “Awards aren’t everything but I think it’s a meaningful day as a lot of things Taemin put a lot of effort into showing, I think was passed onto people! A round of applause to Taemin who will be fiercely moving in the future! Cool! Clap clap clap! You went through a lot!”

cr: realjonghyun90

“마마를 봐야한다고 서둘러 왔더니…

ㅋㅋ기여운 울가족♡”

Trans: “I rushed home to watch MAMA and…keke my cute family ❤ ”

cr: realjonghyun90

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