SHINee Official Site Update

“Hello. This is Minho.
Dear Shawol ~ How are things?
Today is my birthday ~~~ I had a concert in Japan on my birthday ㅎ
To do a concert on my birthday ….. I realized it’s really joyful and happy once more today ^^
I miss you a lot ~~ I don’t have to see or have them delivered in words that you guys are celebrating, I can feel everything.
Really! Since I don’t have an SNS … it’s hard to communicate with me right ? ㅠ I’m sorry about that ~ Please understand because I’m
technologically illiterate ~
Shawol that I always feel thankful and cherish, since my birthday is at the end of the year I always take a moment to reflect on the year ~

Lots of things happened this year ~ We had our concert ~ And ! Our album was out too ㅎ
And I had a lead role for the first time and the movie released too ~ If you were shocked by it.. I’m sorry ^^ Please understand as it was all acting ~
And Hwarang that I worked hard to shoot this summer will soon have its first broadcast too ! Really … Many things passed by really quickly, really quickly.
I think this year has been really busy and happy than any other years ㅎ
I feel much more joyful and good because I’m always with you guys ~
Try taking some time to reflect on this year too ~ While doing that, why not try remembering more on the happy things and hiding the
unhappy memories a little ? You’ve worked hard for spending such a busy time too ~

My words are getting long since I’m writing them down like this ! Shawol that I always feel thankful, thank you for always standing by my side and I feel good that we became much closer this year too ! Let’s make a year full of good things next year too !
Be careful of the cold as the weather got colder ~ Thank you so much for celebrating !
You guys are always my hope. Don’t forget ^^

I will specially add the cake that members gave ^^
Members who gave me a surprise ㅎ Let’s practice more next time ~~~~~ㅎ
I love you~~~”


cr: @thatcoolcatmeow


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