T4L’s “End of Year” Q&A!

Let’s get the most asked questions out of the way. We’ll just call them FAQs πŸ™‚


Name: Teresa (please remember that’s without an “H” because some people don’t and I hate it. It’s one of my pet peeves…)

Where I live: USA! East Coast, so if I post things late then remember that I’m in EST, please. Korea is fourteen hours ahead of me >.<

Age: Did I answer this before? It gets asked a lot, I don’t know why. I guess it doesn’t hurt anything to just say it, I suppose. I’m a 96liner!

Favorite color: Purple (all shades, it’s the best color ever)

Favorite animal: Dolphin (I have a couple but I’ve loved them for ages and will always be number one)

Favorite SHINee song: “Hello” (first SHINee video I saw so I’m sentimental)

Favorite SHINee dance: “Everybody” (I love those red uniforms)

Favorite SHINee member: TAEMIN!!!! ❀ And Minho πŸ™‚

Languages: Fluent in English (like the only thing I’m fluent in, haha!)–I can read and speak some French but I’m still a newbie–I can read some Korean but I can’t speak it because my pronunciations are really, really bad–I can read some German but I don’t know a thing about speaking it (I used to have a lot of German friends that wrote in German)–and that’s it. So I’m only really good at English! XD

Now let’s do the Q&A!


1: Will you ever show your face?

Nope! XD Not for awhile if I ever did.

2: What’s your nationality?

I was going to skip this question but to avoid getting asked this again, I’ll answer. And I’m saying this in the nicest way possible–it doesn’t matter. I’m me. I’m human. Things like where people are from doesn’t matter as long as you’re a good person, okay? πŸ™‚

3: How do you prefer to be addressed?

Um..T4L? Teresa? It doesn’t matter πŸ™‚ I have a lot of nicknames, actually! A lot of people call me “T”. I’m called “Tae” and “Taemint” a lot too as a shorted version of my name “Taemint4Life” by some friends. But I’m mostly called “T” or Teresa. I’m called “baby” a lot, too, actually XD But you have to be really, really close to me to call me “T” or “baby”, so scratch those two off. So yeah! “Tae”, “Taemint”, T4L, Teresa…any of those πŸ™‚ I’m actually called a lot of things BUT my real name, so if you want to call me Teresa then that’s great! ❀

4: Any exciting places you’ve traveled to?

Not yet. I’ve been to New York City several times, though πŸ™‚

5: How long have you known SHINee?

I first saw them in 2012 ❀

6: Do you like any other groups?

Not a lot but some. Mainly boy groups cause I’m not into girl groups much. If I had to pick a group that I love next to SHINee then definitely Super Junior! EXO is third.

7: How long have you been a Jumping BoA?

20…14? 2014!

8: Favorite food?

Don’t make me choose XD

9: Favorite SHINee era?


10: What’s your least favorite SHINee era?

“Dream Girl”…

11: If you weren’t into K-Pop?

I would live a life without K-Pop, I suppose. What a tragedy that would be! 😦

12: Any New Year’s resolution?

For more people to know SHINee! πŸ˜‰

And that concludes the Q&A, guys. Thanks for the questions! ❀

Have a good one! Be happy and healthy! Keep loving our boys!



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