Pic of Sunday, January 1st, 2017


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And Happy New Year, guys! ❤


One thought on “Pic of Sunday, January 1st, 2017

  1. Welcome to the very first 2017 Cybuster’s Pic of the Week! 2016 was pretty sub par for pics, so let’s hope this year will fair better.

    Pose: It’s Taemin, Onew and Minho, left to right. No idea what they are leaning against, but I’ll just say some pieces of wood and a rusty metal box; Really no clue as to what it is at all. Sorry. :/ I kinda like the pose here though; it comes together rather nicely, it’s just what wood and that rust. If they were outside, leaning on a tree, surrounded by beautiful nature, we might have something really good here, but I digress. 7/10

    Outfits: Taemin is wearing a scarf indoors and no socks. Onew is wearing clashing blues. Lastly, Minho is wearing pajamas and slippers? What’s that you say? They aren’t pajamas? Well they sure look as if. :/ I don’t know. It’s hard to say who has the best clothes here… nah! It’s not that hard: Onew takes this one. But they are all still pretty bad. 6/10

    Hairstyle: All seem to be in order, other than Minho’s bedhead, but he just got out of bed, so of course. The hair is the best thing here, though. 8/10

    Overall – 6.5/10

    I could have given it a 7 but I don’t think this really deserves that. Not the start I wanted for the New Year.

    That’s all for this one. See you next week, and Happy New Year! 😀


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