Jonghyun Twitter Update

“골든디스크에서 샤이니가 (태민솔로포함♡)
상을 세개나 받았어요!
너무너무 감사합니다!
비록 멤버전원이 함께 올라가진 못했지만
감사한 저희 마음을 전해드리고 싶네요♡
다 여러분 덕분이에요!
우린 멋진 무대만드려고 지금도 땀빼고있어요!

Trans: “SHINee (including Taemin solo ❤ ) received three awards at the GDA! Thank you so so much! Although not all the members could be up on stage to receive it together but we would like to express our gratitude ❤ Thank you! Thank you! It’s all because of you guys! We are all sweating even right not to make an amazing stage!”

Jonghyun Twitter Update 170114.jpg

cr: realjonghyun90

trans. cr: @thatcoolcatmeow


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