Pic of Sunday, February 12th, 2017

cr: SM


One thought on “Pic of Sunday, February 12th, 2017

  1. Welcome to Cybuster’s Pic of the Week Review! 😀

    Pose: It’s another shot of all our boys. Is the scenery real, are they really in it or is it just an added background, and is it even real? It’s hard to tell. The pose is actually pretty good, though Taemin looks a bit too serious. I’m also not too crazy for Key’s profile, and he also needs to move in a bit; looks sorta out of place. The scenery was a tad confusing and Key was oddly placed. 7/10

    Outfits: What Key made awkward in his posing he kinda made up for it in clothing; at least compared the the others. Jonghyun’s pants are ugly. Minho isn’t too bad but I’ve seen better flannel shirts. Onew would have been great had it not been for those yellow sweatpants – like, where did they even come from? “Have a Good Time” his pants say? Tacky. I don’t know why Taemin is wearing two jackets. And I can’t make out any of their shoes. Lastly, what happened to Jongyun’s left hand… it’s gone! 😮 6.5/10

    Hairstyle: It always seems like this is the best part here. All of them are great! Well, except Taemin’s. It’s all wet and greasy looking. Bleh! 7.5/10

    Overall – 7/10

    I didn’t care for Key’s positioning in the shot. All the outfits were very generic and nothing new. Taemin as a whole in this pic looked pretty strange. I just think he tried too hard to look cool. It seems T4L has gone back into the path of safe, dull, uninspiring pics. 😦

    That’s all for this one. Catch y’all next time!


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