Pic of Sunday, March 26th, 2016

Pic of Sunday, March 26th, 2017

One thought on “Pic of Sunday, March 26th, 2016

  1. Welcome to Cybuster’s Pic of the Week Review! 😀 For once T4L is on time. <_<

    Pose: We have the cover album for their single, “Boys Meet U”. The pose isn’t really anything exciting; just them standing on some pier with a pretty ocean and sky view in the background. This may make a nice cover album but not much of a pose for Cybuster’s show. :/ 7/10

    Outfits: I've really never had a problem here. Well, there is Taemin and Key. Don’t care for Taemin’s pants and sandals; and Key needs pants, but at least his hat isn’t too much of a distraction. The other three are pretty good with Onew being the best. 7.5/10

    Hairstyle: This is a tricky one. They have all had better days but I’m so accustomed to that I can’t seem to complain much. :/ Jonghyun and Key always did wear blond the best but they are still better with dark hair. And while Onew, Teamin, and Minho have appropriate colored hair, I think they have had better styles. 7.5/10

    Overall -7.5/10

    Certainly one of the better pics recently, but still, pretty average.

    So, how did March step up, you ask? Well…

    5.5/10 – "The Counter and Three Heads" – 3/5
    6.5/10 – “Minho, the Bench, and the Wall” – 3/12
    7/10 – “Key, Taemin, and Football” – 3/19
    7.5/10 – “Boys Meet U” – 3/26

    Yeah, not too well of a month. Hoping for better things in April.

    See you next month, Shawols. Bye! 🙂


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