Pic of Sunday, April 2nd, 2017

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One thought on “Pic of Sunday, April 2nd, 2017

  1. Welcome to Cybuster’s Pic of the Week Review! 😀 After a subpar March, here’s hoping for a better April.

    Pose: It’s Jonghyun lounging in a man cave, media room, basement, or whatever you want to call it with some tables and a drum set in the background. It appears he is holding some polaroid pictures but he was in still in diapers when people used those so why is he holding some now? The pose is pretty good, even if you can’t see him all and he looks like a doll due to all the PhotoShopping. :/ 7.5/10

    Outfit: Not crazy about how that shirt is so sloppy looking. And it’s hard to make out, but is that a jacket around his waist? His pants are just the usual pair of jeans, but from what I can gather, at least there aren’t any holes in them. This getup really isn’t much and the unkempt shirt only hurts it more. 6/10

    Hairstyle: It’s almost as messy as his shirt, but not quite that bad; and it looks like some grey is in there, but I guess it’s just the lighting. A darker shade of brown would have been preferred though. 7/10

    Overall – 7/10

    Who else is tired of these pics getting a 7 all the time? I know I am, but it can’t be helped. Take it up with T4L. >_>

    Well, see you all next week. Bye.


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