Pic of Sunday, June 11th, 2017

Pic of Sunday, June 10th, 2017



2 thoughts on “Pic of Sunday, June 11th, 2017

    • Pose: It’s Key and a Jonghyun…poster? It seems Key is playing around with it as it appears to look like Jonghyun is kissing him. I really can’t judge this pose as it isn’t really an actual pic or pose. Looks like some blurry shot a Shawol took and uploaded online. Or maybe, it came from Key’s social media, if he even had any back then. Did I forget to mention that it’s only half a Key? – 2/10

      Outfit: Don’t care for the cap, and I can’t make out the design on the white t-shirt. Other than that, I cannot even see the rest. – 2/10

      Hairstyle: It’s blond hair but that’s about all I can tell. 2/10

      Overall – 2/10

      I’m all open for requests, but this was just a really bad choice, and this may even be my lowest score ever. Nothing more to say here. :/

      Well, until next week. See ya! 🙂


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