Taemin the 1st Stage Nippon Budokan Set List

I don’t know if day 2 will change but if not, then this is what he’s performing and in this order. The concert runs for an hour and a half.

By the way, there will be a live stream through Line for today’s concert and I’ll share the link after I post this. It’s 2PM JST (or in my case, 1AM EST).

-Opening VCR-

1: “Danger (JPN Ver.)”

2: “Guess Who”

3: “Tiger”

-Ment 1-

4: “Sexuality”

5: “Drip Drop (JPN Ver.)”

6: “Soldier”

7: “Presss Your Number (JPN Ver + Remix)”

8: “Do It Baby” (backup dancers dancing only) *new song*

9: “Door” *new song*

10: “Flame of Love” *new song*

11: ” Sekaide Ichiban Aishitahito”

12: “I’m Crying” *new song*

-Encore Ment-

13: “Sayonara Hitori”


14: “Itsuka Kokode” *new song*


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