SHINee Official Board Update

(Explanation first: so it was announced Taemin would have a solo concert in Korea but Shawols were all over Twitter and such talking about how the venue is too small (3000 people max capacity and how it should be moved to something bigger and it caused quite a fuss. Taemin’s message breaks my heart because it shows me how much aware he is of problems and I wonder what else he sees. Also, it breaks my heart that this sweet innocent little angel is apologizing when SM has done everything and not him. Another thing, this shows me just how much he wanted his first concert to be in Korea instead of Japan and just–*Sigh* This poor sweetheart 😦 Later on, we were wondering if this venue has a specific meaning or connection to SHINee/Taemin because like why Olympic Hall? Then we remembered they were at that venue when they got their first award as SHINee for the Rookie of the Year. Then it hit Shawols that maybe Taemin purposely chose this venue because he wanted his first concert to be where it all began as SHINee…ah, if that’s true then I feel even more sorry for this baby…my heart, my heart! Anyway, on to the message *Sigh*)

“[From. Taemin] Hello this is Taemin

First of all, I am so thankful to fans who have waited so long without forgetting me and sent much love; although, I had few activities in Korea these days. Most of all, I’m very sorry about how it turned out, even though I had wanted to show performances in the meaningful place I have wanted and dreamed of along with fans and have memories together..

I was so sorry for making you wait long, but while being really busy and tired, gained strength thinking of Korean activities and concert scheduled before the concert in Budokan, imagining our Shawols would be happy, and waiting for the day of news for the concert with a fluttering heart but it seems that due to this and that situation; what I intended to make you happy is rather causing you pain..

I know well about the current situation, I am looking for a way to resolve the problem for what we wanted to see and for your hearts, and try to make more opportunities to communicate more often!

I’m so sorry for making you worry like this. I’ll try to show lots of really good performances in the future and as soon as possible! Let’s communicate more often. I’m sorry once again for not knowing and handling the situation in advance and making you worry, I love you.”

Taemin--Official Site Update.jpg juju (with my adjustments to wording so that it flows better)


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