Key INS Update

“Hello, this is SHINee Key.

I am greeting you guys after a while. It seems like I will be greeting you guys through senior BoA’s reality with the tour just around the corner so even though it’s a little late, I would like to say it through my mouth. Even though time flew if you say that it’s fast, I am going to get back in my daily track quick after getting my act together. Our members are going to get back up again, but of course Jonghyunnie hyung’s matter can’t seen as a chance for us to collapse. That is a matter that has brought many worries to of course, hyung himself, including his family and many others too, even though I am sad to not be able to see him immediately right now, but I am really well aware that hyung is waiting for me around the corner of a street.

I want to promote with the feeling of hyung always being around as we fill up his empty space and gain strength more than any other time. A request of mine that I dare to ask for, no matter where or when or in what kind of side we are in, I will be grateful if you will treat us, love us like you guys usually do always. We will not disappoint you guys if you guys send in a simple form of support to us for our members to gain strength. Thank you. Key”

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Key INS Update

“To Jonghyunnie hyung who I love…

Hyung. It’s Kibum~ Today, we let hyung go and I saw your face yesterday but I still can’t believe it. I’m sorry I was late to see hyung because I was doing other work and as a dongsaeng, I’m sorry I couldn’t be your strength, when you must have been lonely all this time. The two top people responsible for stubbornness on our team is hyung and me, so we have to do what we want to do, we do everything we want to do and even to the end, hyung decided for yourself and hyung left first…

It was too hard in the beginning but for three days, I had time just between hyung and me and I think I can understand hyung’s heart. Don’t worry too much that you left before us, and I will take care of and respect your mom and noona like they’re my own family.

I will miss you a lot for awhile. I’m really worried that the person who would take my side during discussions has left. While we were in discussions, if I snapped out of it while chatting, it was hyung and me talking to our hearts’ content… Now I will have to get used to time without hyung and I will live even better than I am now. When I’m old and when it’s time for us to meet again, tell me I worked hard too! The best artist of my life, friend, hyung and colleague, Jonghyunnie hyung, you worked hard, I love you so much!


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