SHINee “Our Page” Music Video

This was written by SHINee and focused on Jonghyun. Basically, the lyrics translate to and talk about how they’ll always be five and how much the incident affected them and how they’ll continue and look to Shawols to be their guiding lights. They’re starting a new chapter in their lives.


Jonghyun “Poet | Artist” Album Cover and Tracklist

1. 빛이 나 (Shinin’)

2. 환상통 (Only One You Need)

3. 와플 (#Hashtag)

4. 기름때 (Grease)

5. Take The Dive

6. 사람 구경 중 (Sightseeing)

7. Rewind

8. 하루만이라도 (Just for a day)

9. 어떤 기분이 들까 (I’m So Curious)

10. Sentimental

11. 우린 봄이 오기 전에 (Before Our Spring)

Jongyhun Poet Artist Cover

If it’s hard for you to read his letter on the cover, it’s as follows:

“We can be together in this space, while being on the other side of the earth, we can be together at any time, not just at 12 o’clock. Physical matters certainly remained indifferent in our space, I only hope for this to never cease, I hope this space that belongs to you & me, be the site for anyone to rest in tranquility. I hope for our memories to rise as reminiscences and embrace you like no other, this is dedicated to those who have created our space together. Thank you.”

Jonghyun Album “Poet | Artist”

“Hello. This is SM Entertainment.

To all of Jonghyun’s fans who have been anticipating about the release of his new finished album since last year, it will finally be released. Jonghyun’s album name is “Poet | Artist” which will be released on January 23rd at 12 o’clock and all of the tracks will be released at the same time. I hope that Jonghyun’s heart, who tried to communicate more through music more than anyone else, will be well received by you. In addition, all of this album’s proceeds will be sent to Jonghyun’s mother and will be the foundation for helping people who are in a difficult environment.

Thank you.”