SHINee World 2018 ~ The Best ~ From Now On: Will Proceed as Planned

SHINee Japan officially announced that SHINee’s Japan Dome Tour to start in February will continue as it was scheduled. Each member posted a handwritten letter to fans and the letters and translations will be posted below.

“Hello. This is SHINee Onew.

I’m not sure how I should begin. I thank you for protecting and caring for our member whom we love so very, very much, and I am simply so sorry for worrying you, our fans.

I thought that it isn’t possible. I also thought we wouldn’t be able to do the concert. However, after hearing the message from Jonghyunnie’s mother to please never give up, I came to make a pledge that, lacking as I am, I must work harder if it means it will provide comfort to the many people who miss him and are hurting somewhere.

Although I’m so very lacking, I want to do everything in my power to try my absolute best for SHINee’s sake. Even if the process is challenging and arduous, I will try my hardest.

Jonghyunnie, who is a member of SHINee forever, is always within our hearts and as he will live on forever in your–the fan’s–hearts too, I believe nothing changes. We will continue to show ourselves working hard as SHINee from now on.

Thank you.”


“Hello, this is SHINee Key.

Thanks to all of your worries I, too,ย  have been making an effort to pull myself together and return to my daily life. There are times where I shed tears because traces of Jonghyunnie hyung spring memories of all our past times to my mind, and my heart aches but I’m trying hard to overcome it well by thinking that I’m spending time with hyung.

I know that everyone supports SHINee’s unchanged activities and though I also worried about it a lot, I thought that it wouldn’t do to simply give everything up and hope that my heart would become whole. In the midst of many people’s worries, we have decided to continue with the Japanese concerts that were planned.

This decision is the ‘us’ that Jonghyunnie hyung would want, and I thought that keeping our promise with all of you and showing you a good stage would be the most ‘SHINee-like’ thing to do. This year, is the year of our tenth anniversary since we debuted as SHINee. I’m so thankful to you for always cheering for us and encouraging us, and we will repay you with a stage that is ‘SHINee-like’.

I love you and thank you.



“Hello. This is SHINee Minho.

Regarding how to proceed with the SHINee concerts in Japan–after the members thought over it individually and then gathered together to discuss, we carefully came to a decision. And I’m writing this letter in hopes of calmly conveying our hearts on this matter. Even as I pen these words right now, I’m flooded with many thoughts and many emotions in my mind at each moment, but I resolve to calmly communicate my heart.

I believe there will be people who welcome this decision, and conversely, I also believe there will be people who express fear. Although, we too, are not certain what the correct decision is, right now we believe that this is the right answer and we wish to continue our promise with all of you. All the memories we made with the members, staff, and fans are so very precious to us; they are what make us the happiest and they are things we feel we couldn’t trade for anything in the world.

There is nothing in the world that could substitute Jonghyunnie hyung’s place, and though there are many worries about how complete of a concert we will be able to create on stage, we will pour our ‘sincere hearts’ into preparing with the thought that Jonghyunnie hyung will be with us in all the SHINee performances that we will show you from now on.

Just as we, and Jonghyunnie hyung, promised all of you, we will remember that when we want to give up because things are too hard, when we want to run away from a weak heart, your outstretched hands become our biggest strength and we will continue singing songs for all of you. Of course, the degree of that hardship is such that no one can imagine, but I believe all of you will give us a lot of strength in order for us all to go on to overcome this and protect SHINee together.

We, SHINee, feel thankful for that support at each and every moment, and we will continue filling your lives with times that dedicated to Jonghyunnie hyung and all of you with even more sincerity. I think I will be able to spend this cold winter a little more warmly thanks to all of your warm encouragement. Thank you.”


“Hello. This is SHINee Taemin.

To be honest, I initially didn’t have a lot of confidence regarding the concerts. But I wanted to keep my promise to all of you, and I also did not want to part ways with the SHINee members in the future.

When I looked back at the times my heart felt the most stable, and happiest, it was when I was with the members.. and also you, the fans. And I came to feel an even stronger love for the name ‘SHINee’ and the members of this team, and more than ever, I didn’t want to give up. I know our future from now on will be anything but easy, but I want to do my very best so that the name ‘SHINee’ will be able to shine on for longer without losing it’s light, and not get forgotten.

Because the members and all of you have given me such beautiful memories I’m so thankful, and I want to keep those memories precious and safe for a long time. And I want to show our member, who will want to continue being loved as SHINee and will be watching from the heavens, a SHINee that will pick themselves up confidently and rise to the stage.

I’m so greatly sorry for worrying all of you, and I ask that you please watch us from now on. It’s cold, so take care of your health, and I wish you blessings in the new year.”


I’m sorry it took a bit of time for the update and translations, as I was typing them out and reading the letters; I cried very hard for awhile. I’m more proud than ever that I’m their fan and they’re the bravest men in the world to continue. Let’s be strong for them and give them the best support they’ve ever had. It will be hard for me to see them with one missing and how difficult I know it will be for them and how much they’ll hurt. Imagine, just imagine, they’re hurting way more than any of us are and we couldn’t even begin to understand all their feelings and emotions. I wish I could be at their concert and support them and cheer for them as loud as I can in the arena but sadly, I have to give my support and love through the screen.

I love you very much my darling boys and may God bless all of you and your precious hearts and may you have strength. You have Shawols’ support. I’m worried but I’m proud and understand your decision. I respect it and trust that everything will be okay. Thank you, Jonghyun’s mother, for giving them strength and encouragement. I know this would make Jonghyun happy and that it’s what he would have wanted.

I really do love this group more than anything and will continue to do so for the rest of my life :’) โค