Taemin: “Press Your Number” Music Bank


Taemin Popularity Award at 27th Seoul Music Awards

Trans of Taemin’s acceptance speech read by Leeteuk: “Hello, this is Taemin. I thank you so much to be able to receive this award at Seoul Music Awards. I am spending my days well as I rest while traveling and experiencing new things I had never done before. Running without pause until now, I had really gained experience and lots of memories, but looking back now at the memories I wasn’t able to make back then feels good. To fans who gave us such big love, and to those others who gave me attention, thank you so much. Please wait just a little bit because we will be back soon looking our best. And thank you so much, Teukie hyung, who is helping me to receive this award despite being busy. Happy new year and look after your health since it’s cold. And lastly, to our Jonghyunnie hyung watching from heaven, I am so sorry and thank you so much, and thank you, Onew hyung, Key hyung, Minho hyung. Thank you, Father in heaven.”

My baby is too precious, my goodness! ❤