Kim Jonghyun

“The sweet melody of your voice is better than any music”

Name: Kim Jonghyun

Height: 5’8

Birthday: April 8th, 1990 in Seoul, South Korea

Biography: Jonghyun has been active in music since he was in junior high school. He was in a band and participated in many festivals in his area. In his band, he was not a vocalist but a bassist. The band’s name was “Zion” and during one of its shows, he was scouted by SM. Jonghyun was discovered at the 2005 S.M. Casting System.

Fandom: Blingers

A gentle, understanding soul with a heart full of love and kindness towards everyone and everything. Hurt and lost due to years of suffering in sadness and heartache. Insecure and unknown to the person behind the mic who was himself. Even written in songs, so obviously lost and sought out for help only to be pushed away and told it was your doings. There were no secrets, nothing was unknown. Thank you for being so open, trusting, and close.

Often dealing with insomnia, you now will get your rest. Some people can’t be saved, no matter what. May you be safe now and have the happiness you have always deserved. It hurts, it’s selfish, it’s hard to understand but you’re forgiven because you’re loved.

My dearest is sleeping well since December 18th, 2017…

12 thoughts on “Kim Jonghyun

  1. He was more modest than Key. He probably made the best idea girl. Why can’t he use bright lighting in his room. Although I like the song “Fire” it is hardly uplifting. -_- What is with them in liking black & red so much?


    • I wondered why he couldn’t use lighting, too. Maybe it has to do with the huge projector? O.o Actually, I think the lyrics for Fire are very uplifting! The genre…not so much. I love red! It’s third in my favorite colors^^ I know why they like it so much 😉


    • “A diary. In there we would both write our thoughts and experiences and memories. Then sometime later, we’ll look

      at it together and reminisce.”- I love that idea.

      ” I’ll walk with her on piggyback! (LOL)”- My dad used to give me piggyback when I was still a little kid. I

      sorta miss that.

      “Someone who can face me honestly.”- Means she shouldn’t be fake.

      “Razors? I don’t usually go to convenience stores…”- When I read Razors, my eyes widen. Then quickly realize it

      was for shaving. Idiot me.

      “Respect for individuality.”- This is why I love you Dino.

      You can’t see the screen or the movie if their is light. Especially when you use projector. And their is nothing wrong with liking Black and red. It’s almost the same as why people like rainbows or any bright colors.

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  2. I actually meant Jonghyun was more vain than Key, but I messed up again. :p I wouldn’t know about the lyrics to “Fire” because they AREN’T on here! SNAP TO IT! Nah, I’m only kidding. 😉


  3. there were many times i wished i could help..not just him..but everyone else who wouldve been through depression..he is a big loss to everyone..a beautiful soul!!

    Liked by 1 person

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