Pic of Sunday, July 31st, 2016

Pic of Sunday, July 31st, 2016.jpg

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One thought on “Pic of Sunday, July 31st, 2016

  1. Welcome to Cybuster’s Pic of the Week Review! How will the last pic of July hold up?

    Pose: *opens desk drawer* I’m trying to decide if I should bring her out or not… Nah, I guess I can can manage without her today. *closes draw* Hmm, let’s see. We’ve got all our boys this week as they pose in front of a tree enjoying nature. Everything seems to be in order here and they are all looking in the same direction, too. But wouldn’t it have been neat if one of them were up the tree? 😀 What a missed opportunity… :/ 8/10

    Outfits: Hit-or-miss; more misses I’d say, but at least they never miss the mark completely, nor will they hit a bullseye, though. Onew is dressed pretty casually – as are all of them. I like his blue, and the jacket is rather nice; however those green yellow accessories I can do without. Don’t care for Jonghyun’s shirt, and his pants looks like it has a gun holster. :/ Taemin has it worse here: That green shirt with a some design on it; that jacket with all the bunnies or flowers all over them; to those spotted pants. Bleh! Minho bores me. And what is that logo on his jacket and why is it there. Key? Hm, perhaps he comes in second behind Onew. I really don’t care for stripes, but altogether, his getup doesn’t look too bad. 7/10

    Hairstyle: They all seem to be just okay. I’ve said I liked their hair better in their later years and I haven’t changed my mind on that. Onew’s is a bit messy and Key’s blond and brown concept is something I never cared for. 7/10

    Overall – 7.5/10

    It wasn’t too bad of a way to end July. This month starting out so well had me hoping for a good month, but it ended up looking pretty average.

    9/10 – Jonghyun pic – 7/3
    6/10 – A Half of Onew – 710
    7.5/10 – Key studying – 7/17
    5/10 – Minho Profile – 7/24
    7.5/10 – The Group and the Tree – 7/31

    See what I mean?

    That’s all for this month. See you in August! 😀


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