Ask Me on “Curious Cat”!

Hey, guys!

You can now ask me questions through “Curious Cat”! Well, you could before but I didn’t advertise XD

You can ask me anything on there–as well as “”. You can follow me on both, if you want! And I’m pretty sure you don’t need a Twitter account to ask me something on “Curious Cat” but correct me if I’m wrong ^_^

Both links are under my profile right there (and any other link you want to follow me with or connect with me) –>

But here you go:

My “Ask”:

And do follower me on Twitter! I love when people reach out to me and become such amazing friends or mutuals ❤ Don’t hesitate to follow and talk with me if you want 🙂 –>

You’re warned–there’s lots of fangirling on there XD While my Twitter consists of mostly SHINee, there are other things. I always say my Twitter is made up of 85% SHINee, 10% Lay, and 5% everyone else (BoA, Sooyoung, other groups/people, etc.). Sometimes you’ll find random things, too XD

So hope to talk with you and ask away! ❤