Minho at “2017 Asia Star Awards”

Minho--2017 Asia Star Awards 2Minho--2017 Asia Star Awards 3Minho--2017 Asia Star Awards

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🎊 Happy 9th Anniversary to SHINee! 🎊

It’s a really lame post right now but I’lol be unavailable all day and want to do this while I can.

Spams of our boys will come as soon as I can do it. Videos from the beginning to now 😉

Until then, I would like to thank them for existing and I hope they’re together another nine years! How about forever?! XD ❤

These boys have changed my life and have made me so happy and “1000 Years Always By Your Side” has been by my side through my hardest times ❤

Guys, I’m getting so emotional here. Let’s cry together :’)

I LOVE YOU MY BABIES!! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! ❤ *throws confetti around and blows up balloons*

I’ll be sure to eat a slice of cake tomorrow 😉

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