Vyrl Update

Congratulations to SHINee for winning the Hallyu Star Award!





Taemin Wins Best Dance Performance Solo at 2016 Mnet Asia Music Awards (MAMA)

Congratulations, Taemin! It’s a well deserved award! You’ve worked hard! 😀

I’ll translate the gist of it (not 100% accurate)! XD

He thanked everyone for giving him such a big award and he’s happy to receive it when it had such amazing nominees. He said he’ll work harder!

You know, I can’t congratulate him enough and I wish he could know happy and proud I am for him. I actually cried this morning when I saw him win it. Do you think it’s silly? I had the same feeling I had when watching SHINee win Artist of the Year. Seeing him win this award meant THAT much to me.

He’s come so far and I’m just so happy! He worked the hardest I’ve ever seen him work and I want nothing but happiness for him. You guys, when he received it–he was sooo happy! I can tell he was getting emotional, too. Backstage he kissed it and held it like it was his baby! XD

I love him so much and will look forward to watching him win more awards in the near future! I’ll supporting him until he won’t need my support anymore. Same goes for SHINee 😉

If I meet a guy and I love him more than Taemin (or just as much), that guy will definitely know how much he means to me. THAT’S how much I love Lee Taemin.

Again, congratulations! You’re my everything ❤