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Name: Lee Taemin

Height: 5’10

Birthday: July 18th, 1993 in Seoul, South Korea

Biography: Taemin was discovered at the 2005 S.M. Open Weekend Audition Casting. He studied Chinese in Beijing in 2007. In March 2011, he transferred to Hanlim Arts High School from his previous school, Chung Dam High School to accommodate his hectic schedule for SHINee’s Japanese advancement. He graduated in February 2012 but was unable to make it to the ceremony due to SHINee. He is a Roman Catholic.

Random facts/Q&As from Seek Magazine in September of 2014.

1. What is your ideal age to get married?

A: If possible I want to get married as soon as possible (LOL).

2. Which hairstyle do you prefer (on a girl)? Short, bob, semi-long, or long?

A: Whatever is the hairstyle that suits that person, I will like it.

3. What Korean food would you recommend to your Japanese fans?

A: Gajamisikhae (spicy fermented flatfish). I also just recently ate it for the first time, but it’s really “the world’s best”! That’s how tasty it is (LOL).

4. What is your favorite food?

A: As expected, it’s gajamisikhae!

5. If a girl could give you a message, what words would make you happy?

A: (I don’t want) just sweet words, rather I prefer words that have sincere thoughts that I can believe in.

6. What SHINee song would you recommend to lift someone’s spirit when they’re feeling down?

A: Kiss Kiss Kiss

7. What is something that you want to do for the rest of your life?

A: I want to use all my properties/savings for something that will be useful to people.

8. What is your favorite number?

A: 6. Recently, I’ve been really interested in the number 6. For some reason, I think that something good will occur with it.

9. What is your favorite type of movie?

A: I like horror films.

10. If, for example, your girlfriend and you are celebrating your first anniversary, what kind of present would you want to do?

A: Since it is an important anniversary, I want to spend it together. That is the present.

11. What is the first thing you do upon waking up?

A: I spend some time thinking, “Is this reality?”

12. What is your charm point?

A: The people around me enjoy being with me (LOL)

13. What is your type of girl?

A: Someone who is kind and pure and honest. (Even though I think it’s rare LOL)

14. What do you usually buy in a convenience store?

A: Drinks and ice cream, I always end up buying them.

15. If you and your girlfriend are walking, which do you prefer? Holding hands or linking arms?

A: I think both would be nice~

16. Do you eat your favorite food first or last? (In Korea, there’s different types of food during the meal^^)

A: I’m the type to save the best for last.

17. What interests you the most recently?

A: My dogs.They’re a poodle and a maltese named Adam and Eve. But they’re both male (LOL).

18. If your girlfriend will cook for you, what kind of dish would you want?

A: I’d like my girlfriend to make the dish that she makes best

19. What has surprised you lately?

A: On my birthday, there were so many people who sent me their birthday messages. I was really touched to receive so much greetings.

20. When you go out, what is the one thing that you keep in your bag?

A: My phone’s earphones are essential. And then, it’s not really something I put in my bag, but (I always bring) the will to do my best!

21. What is your special skill?

A: Japanese! Especially writing characters.

22. Have you bought something recently that is of great interest to you?

A: My earphones. I broke the ones I had so I bought new ones, but the sound didn’t come out and it seemed broken. Actually it was really broken (LOL). Ah, but I wasn’t the one who destroyed them! They were really a defective product. I need to return and exchange them soon.

23. What did you eat last night?

A: Yakiniku, miso soup, and abalone kimchi!

24. What is your favorite Japanese word?

A:”Otsukaresama!” (Good work). It gives a sense of accomplishment in something I do and I’m happy to say it.

25. Recently, what kind of fashion coordination are you interested in?

A: When I’m working, I have to look precisely cool, so in common clothing I prefer something in which I can move freely. I like easy, loose styles.

26. What is your favorite sport?

A: Soccer.

27. When you were in school, which subject were you good at?

A: Physical Education! Because I like moving around.

28. What is your favorite scent?

A: I don’t think I can say it well but, the scent of people. It’s not the perfume. It’s more like the aura…something like that…

29. What is the most interesting dream you had recently?

A: I dream a lot, but I have a lot of dreams which are not nice so I won’t say them here! I have a lot of dreams where I’m being chased, though so I think something is sending me a message to do my best. Like, I have to experience a lot of things and mature, something like that, LOL.

30. Please tell us what your weak point is!

A: My shyness towards strangers. It takes a while before I warm up to someone.

31. How do you spend time in your room? A: I play with my dogs. But then again for the sake of my body’s condition I sleep a lot.

2. What is something that you are actually secretly proud of?

A: Um…I’ll think of it. LOL

33. What kind of items are in your room?

A: My PC and audio stuff and, ah! I have an electronic piano (keyboard)! We also have a piano in the living room~.

34. (Question from SWJ) Please tell us about a Japanese word you recently learned.

A: 笑い上戸 (waraijougo). It means someone who laughs easily. I also remembered the connective “~shitari”. And “ume” (plum) from “umeboshi”. With just that there’s still a lot of words I don’t know yet.

35. What if you invited a girl you like to a date, how will you approach her?

A: I think I would be really nervous, but I couldn’t let the other person notice it. So I’ll approach them with a spontaneous air.

36. What was your dream when you were little?

A: To be a pilot! I want to pilot a jet!

37. What is your favorite type of book?

A: Nonfiction/True Story books.

38. What kind of clothes do you wear when you go to sleep?

A: T-shirt and sweat pants instead of pajamas.

39. What is your favorite season?

A: Winter.

40. What is your favorite color?

A: Red and black, I also like brown.

41. What is your favorite animal?

A: Dolphin!

42. What is your recent hobby?

A: Well, since we’ve been preparing for the new album a lot…maybe that’s it? Oh, but I also go out with friends. I try to keep my schedule flexible between meeting friends and preparing for the album. Also for me, meeting with my friends is the best healing method.

43. When you were in school, which subject were you weak at?

A: Social Studies

44. Which do you prefer, a roller coaster or a haunted house?

A: Both are okay, but I’d prefer roller coaster!

45. What food do you dislike?

A: Cucumber. I don’t like it a bit.

cr: @keihissi

That was the love of my life! ❤ Dear Lee Taemin, Shawols and fellow Taemints!

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5 thoughts on “Lee Taemin

  1. So he exchanges defective earphones, rather then just buying new ones? I thought he was loaded. 😛 I guess I’d do the same thing, too. No sense in wasting your hard earned money, right? What a cheap anniversary present…I thought his Japanese wasn’t so great. Is he saying he likes the smell of stinky people? o.0 I like “Kiss Kiss Kiss”, an underrated song from them. I don’t like Winter much, but snow is nice sometimes.

    I like this T4L, now I need to comment on the others. 😀


    • When I read this, I felt we’re quite compatible^^ We both like dolphins, winter, and other things! That made me happy 😀 I don’t think he was saying he liked stinky people, he just didn’t explain it very well xD He’s still learning Japanese but he’s really good with writing in their characters Kanji (like he said), so he’s good at reading it 🙂 I thought the anniversary present was nice and sweet–like all you need is each other’s company if you love each other enough. Ah, oppa…<3 I'm glad you like it, by the way! Thanks for the comments^^


      • I like the fact he can be pure and not pure. It’s hard to explain. Lol

        He doesn’t like sweet words. He prefer sincere words that will stay in your mind a bit longer and touches your heart too.

        He’s a generous guy.

        He prefer spending time with his lover and not waste too much money. (I’m not materialistic myself.)

        Kind, pure and honest girl doesn’t exist these days Taemin. (I’m often kind, pure and honest according to the people around me. Lol I agree but I’m not ignorant and I have a bad side if you mess with me.)

        I think I know what Taemin ment about body scent. It’s hard to explain. Lol

        Taemin may be a happy go lucky guy but he still worries and that haunts him in his dreams.

        “My shyness towards strangers. It takes a while before I warm up to someone.”- Same here Taemin.

        “I’ll approach them with a spontaneous air.”-Omo Lol

        I like non fiction stories too. Especially reality shows.

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