Review: Jonghyun–The Collection (Story OP. 2)



1: “Lonely (feat. Taeyeon)”

One of Jonghyun’s best title tracks in quite awhile for me. As we all know (probably), I am not a fan of Taeyeon’s but I do like her voice and it’s a nice asset to this song. I guess you could say; she makes it πŸ™‚

2: “1000”

It’s an okay song. I’ll forget about it two minutes after listening to it, though. It’s a bit boring for me.

3: “Just Chill”

Sometimes songs are so boring or so unforgettable or so bad, that you just don’t know what to say after hearing it. The chorus is all I remember from this and I’ll forget it soon, I know I will.

4: “Love is So Nice”

I need something to keep me awake while I’m doing this review and this song is not helping. F.O.R.G.E.T.T.A.B.L.E.

5: “Blinking Game”

It feels like I’m in some 50s night club XD Is that a bad thing? Not if you like 50s night clubs. Do I like them? Nope.

6: “Elevator”

One of my favorites on the album, one of my favorites from him. I might like it more than “Diphylleia Grayi” and that says a lot ❀

7: “Let Me Out”

I still listen to this song on repeat sometimes, that’s how much I love it!

8: “Fireplace”

It’s an okay song. Definitely one of the better ones on this album. I like it, actually πŸ™‚

9: “Our Season”

I don’t remember it already and I just listened to it.

10: “Where Are You”

This kinda makes me think of Akdong Musician, which is okay; I like Akdong Musician. It’s a struggle to find the chorus though… that’s a bit of a problem.

Rating: 3/5 Stars

It’s better than the first “Story OP” but that’s not saying much. Overall, I did enjoy it a lot more.


Review: Jonghyun–The Collection (Story OP. 1)

The reason this review is so late; I didn’t think I would do it. It’s not a comeback, it’s just a collection of songs Jonghyun has composed for Blue Night and such. However, it’s still an album so I thought why not review it.


1: “End of a Day”

This song (I’m not reviewing the music video because he didn’t appear in it) is very forgettable for me. It’s not my favorite song of his but it’s not exactly the worst either. It’s just forgettable and boring for me.

2: “U & I”

This song always makes me think of some Stevie Wonder song XD It’s okay, I like it. It’s good to listen to once in awhile.

3: “Like You”

I don’t know what it is, Jonghyun’s style… I’m just not a fan of it. While there are plenty of songs I do love of his, most of his songs seem to have this style (disco? I don’t know what to call it) and I’m just not a fan. However, I do remember the chorus so that’s a good point about it.

4: “Diphylleia Grayi”

Best song on the album! This has always been one of my favorite songs of his and will forever remain in my heart ❀ I get so much nostalgia whenever I listen to it because I used to listen to it a lot during certain times πŸ™‚

5: “Happy Birthday”

Why does he make a birthday song so seductive? ^^;

6: “I’m Sorry”

I honestly didn’t remember this song until I heard it again. It’s not bad, I’ve heard worse from him.

7: “02:34”

Er… nope… sorry ^^;

8: “Fine”

This is the next best on the album after “Diphylleia Grayi” for me. It’s memorable and I like the chorus.

9: “Maybe Tomorrow”

It’s that style I just don’t like. I really can’t remember it, I feel like I’m saying that about so many songs on this album 😦

Rating: 2.5/5 Stars

It’s just forgettable, everyone. Sorry.


Review: “Tell Me What To Do” Music Video

I definitely procrastinated with this one! XD I did my best to try and explain this plot. There are several theories thrown around (some a bit far-fetched), so you can choose to interpret this any way you want. Of course, SHINee will never explain to us the story exactly…so… XD

First off, let me explain what S1+1Nee means. The + is a symbol that means “divided”, I had to correct those who thought it symbolized a cross XD “S1” would mean a member from SHINee being divided from the other four “1Nee” and the two ones with the + (1+1) equals two–which symbolizes the member and the girl. The member and the girl “S1” divided from the other four members “1Nee”. Did I explain that well?

SHINee are like outcasts and live on their own together in what looks like some abandoned building. At some points in the video, you see the girl with a lit match in her mouth–that symbolizes her sparking a flame among the members. The boys were like family and happy (as happy as can be) when it was just them. Things went all wrong, of course, when the girl showed up.

It’s evident by the way Taemin looks at the girl in the car that he likes her and very evident when he looks heartbroken after seeing her kiss Minho. This is where things get messy. Now Taemin held a lighter a lot throughout the video and drops it at one point. He could have dropped it from his pocket when they get out of the car or he could have just dropped it on the street purposely. Who knows? What we do know is that the car was parked directly underneath the lighter. More on that later! Let’s move onto the fight.

Taemin was fighting Minho because of the girl and how he shouldn’t go with her. It could be jealousy and the cliche “fighting over the girl type thing” but I think it’s more of protection for Minho. Like he was warning her that he shouldn’t go with her and they should stay together–the five of them. It’s like they all knew the girl was ruining them, except Minho.

Minho doesn’t listen and goes with the girl in the car to leave. This is where the lighter and car comes back into play. The car is leaking gasoline and that with the lighter caused the car to explode. I was a bit confued by that, honestly! I was like, “How is a car going to explode by a lighter and gasoline?”. Well, after some research, I found out that it is possible. It’s vapors! If it were anything other than gasoline–it wouldn’t be possible. However, gasoline doesn’t need a high temperature to ignite a flame–in fact, the very opposite! All it needed was a few drops of the leaking gasoline on the lighter to cause vapors and ignite the flame. So that’s how that happened!

Now you see the SHINee members running over to the flaming car in hopes of Minho being alive but knowing he isn’t, of course. The main purpose of the video is focusing on all the members’ guilt. Taemin feels the most guilt because of how he fought with Minho and caused Minho to want to run away. He also feels guilty because it was his lighter. Hence, all the guns pointing at him.

Onew feels guilty because he never said anything. The chained gun represents how he was unable to express his feelings and regrets it. He feels he should have kept them all together.

Jonghyun throughout the music video was pretty much caught up in his own world, his struggles, depression, and feels guilty for not doing enough to keep them together.

Key feels guilt because it was his car. His car that exploded and killed them.

I didn’t explain it too well but I hope you understand enough! Again, it’s up for you to interpret πŸ™‚

I already said in the album review how it’s one of my favorite Korean title tracks from them recently ❀

I never had a problem with any of the clothes during this era. The only problem I had was that this era was too short!

The hairstyles are all on point. I actually like that color on Minho. The only one I’m not crazy about is Key…the color is…meh!

The dance…is…good? I still feel like the cameras never really focused on it enough. From what I saw, it looked good, though! Choreographer Lee Taemin! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ I like how the silk sheets represents bound by guilt and such. It’s nicely done! I just want to see more!

Rating: 5/5 Stars

Review: “1 and 1” 5th Album Repackage

1: “Tell Me What To Do”

This is a favorite title track in awhile for me, actually. Well, there was “MTTM”…so apart from that? I don’t think I’ve loved a title track this much (in terms of Korean title tracks) since “Sherlock”. The vocals are really amazing in this! I wasn’t sure if I would like the EDM in the background (it sounds cute, haha) but it worked out well.

2: “별빛 λ°”λž¨ (Wish Upon a Star)”

It’s very pretty! They know I’m a sucker for violins XD I do prefer other ballads much more so this one doesn’t fall at the very top of my list. Still nice, though!

3: “ν•œλ§ˆλ”” (Beautiful Life)”

One of the best on the album! I’m actually blessed to be able to hear Minho’s voice, too ❀

4: “Rescue”

This chorus has a way of getting stuck in your head XD Another good song on this repackage! Honestly, everything is good ❀

5: “If You Love Her”

This!  This has made it into my favorite ballad list!!!! ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀

I’m not going to review the instrumentals because…yeah…they’re just instrumentals ^^;;

For the songs that appear on “1 of 1” you can go here –>

Rating: 5/5 Stars

I feel like I haven’t been able to rate anything fives stars lately, so this makes me happy! πŸ˜€ ❀


Special Review: “Kiss Kiss Kiss”

Someone has been wanting me to review this song πŸ™‚ The reason I haven’t–it appears on a single (“Juliette (Japanese Ver.), to be exact) and I don’t review singles. I never review singles because they usually show up on full albums sometime or another but this song hasn’t. I’ll wait out “Kimi no Sei de” a bit longer XD

The song is a nice, classic SHINee song. How many Shawols know what I mean by “classic”? XD You know…it’s just…SHINee–ish! It gives you that pleasant SHINee feel that reminds you of what makes them so unique.

Ah, this song brings me back ❀ Definitely an old goodie!

Rating: 5/5 Stars

A rare occasion to rate just one song but it was requested (as I said) πŸ™‚

Review: SHINee “1 of 1” Music Video

This music video is very simple, which is what they were going for. The white background and everything is supposed to be representing their concept. What my idea is for the plot is the fact that even with all these girls around, you’re still their number one πŸ™‚ At least, that’s what I’m assuming.

The dance is very simple. SHINee aimed for something simple but they said it still had a way of being SHINee-ish XD It’s not my favorite. It’s okay.

The only hairstyles I’m not really into is Key’s. Minho’s grew on me ❀ And Jonghyun still has that perfect “Base” look! I really love Onew’s auburn–it looks good on him. Taemin’s? Well, not much to say πŸ˜‰ ❀

I’m enjoying the clothes for this era! The suits are my favorite. There is only one set of outfits I’m not crazy about but they hardly wear them so it’s not a problem.

There’s one downfall to this music video–Onew was injured so he couldn’t dance. He just sat throughout the whole thing 😦

Rating: 4/5 Stars

While Onew didn’t dance, I felt like they made up for it by giving him a good amount of screen time πŸ™‚

Review: “1 of 1” 5th Full Album

1: “Prism”

This song is enjoyable! It definitely has a Jonghyun vibe to it (seeing as he took part in it) but it’s a good vibe for me this time around πŸ™‚

2: “1 of 1”

Honestly, I thought this would be another “View” at first. I thought I wouldn’t like the song first listen but I ended up really liking it! It’s nice to have a title track I can like right off the bat without adjusting to it like I did with “View”. It’s catchy! One of the reasons I like this is because I feel like it has one of the best bridges in K-Pop songs ever. I love the bridge! ❀

3: “Feel Good”

I love this song so much! It’s definitely my favorite on the album–hands down! Give this track five stars XD Everyone had their parts and showcased their voices beautifully, too πŸ™‚

4: “투λͺ… μš°μ‚° (Don’t Let Me Go)”

Known as “Invisible Umbrella” ❀ This song is one of the best on the album! I like the rain at the end πŸ™‚ Nice!

5: “Lipstick”

So far, so good, right? Well….this is where things get a little tricky for me. I don’t dislike this song but I don’t love it, either. Call it average? Just…eh, doesn’t do much for me…

6: “Don’t Stop”

This reminds me of a song from the “Odd” album. Like a slow version of “Black Hole”, maybe? XD Eh, not bad! I remember it, at least…

7: “Shift”

The intro sounds like a racing game track from “Super Nintendo” XD You know what I’m talking about, right? The background chipmunk sounding thing is a bit unnecessary. Again, not bad.

8: “U Need Me”

I hate it. I cannot listen to this, SHINee, I’m sorry. I love my boys but definitely not this song! It’s just…annoying…

9: “So Amazing”

I feel like the chorus is good! I like the chorus! The rest of the song…is just…not memorable? It’s just lacking, I don’t know. But the chorus is good πŸ™‚

Rating: 3Β½/5 Stars

This album was very hard for me. I felt three stars would be harsh but four stars too much–leaving to decide the middle!

There were songs I liked a lot and others were just in the “meh” category for me. While SHINee certainly delivered an 80s/90s album (which they deserve five stars for!), I found I’m just not really interested in that musical era too much.

For those who love that era, definitely listen to this album! It would be gold for you πŸ™‚

For me? I feel like the rating it got is fair.

I wish I could rate it five stars for the fact SHINee can do any type of music they want and do it well! I wish I could give it five stars for SHINee always trying something different for themselves and their fans–not going with the rest of the K-Pop industry (which is why K-Pop songs sound the same these days). But…I can’t 😦

Thank you, SHINee!!! ❀

Review: Taemin–“Sayonara Hitori” Music Video

This plot is (as stated by Taemin himself) pretty much just him being stuck in between Heaven and Hell and being forever alone. A place that’s not of this world. It goes along well with the lyrics and this song translates to “Solitary Goodbye”.

He wanted to go for the oriental Japanese theme here and did just that! Look at those outfits ❀ Wait a minute…okay…but doesn’t he kind of look like a real life “Final Fantasy” character here?


Not necessarily Cloud but you get my point πŸ˜›

This is the first music video ever to use this type of CG, by the way! My favorite place in particular was the fire area. It’s cool!

You know how much I like the song and dance but I won’t hesitate to tell you again……I LOVE THEM!!! ❀

Rating: 5/5 Stars

Why does Taemin always have to make everything so perfect and make me seem like a biased Taemint? XD

Review: Taemin–“γ•γ‚ˆγͺγ‚‰γ²γ¨γ‚Š (Sayonara Hitori)” 1st Japanese Mini Album

1: “γ•γ‚ˆγͺγ‚‰γ²γ¨γ‚Š (Sayonara Hitori)”

Songs like these remind of how much I love Taemin’s style and why I do ❀

2: “Press Your Number (Japanese Ver.)”

I prefer the Korean version, as expected. Contrary to most Japanese versions of Korean songs, these words don’t seem to be forced into the song. Everything flows…but…Japanese is a faster language than Korean. In terms of the way you speak, you speak Korean slower than you do Japanese (which is one of the reasons Korean is easier to learn). Japanese pronunciation is quicker, therefore, they had to speed up the BGM. So is it good for a speedier version of the song and being Japanese? Yep! Is it better than the original Korean version? No way!

3: “Tiger”

I like this song but compared to others–it’s the weakest one for me. I just like the others a whole lot, I guess! XD Still very good ^_^

4: “Final Dragon”

So when will Taemin turn this into an opening/closing to an anime? XD It’s just anime-ish! So action-packed, exciting, dark, thrilling! ❀ Am I being dramatic? πŸ˜›

5: “δΈ–η•Œγ§δΈ€η•ͺζ„›γ—γŸδΊΊ (Sekaide Ichiban Aishitahito)”

Did I spell the English name correctly? o.O

Anyway, one of the best on the album! Taemin’s voice…


❀ ❀ ❀ ❀

Rating: 5/5 Stars

Such a blessing to own an album like this with so much value in gold πŸ˜€

Review: Jonghyun–“She is” Music Video

I can’t say the plot because I have no idea what is going on! There’s plastic bags, squirting ketchup, garbage, telephone booths, tractors…I have no idea and I’m confused. It’s colorful, I’ll give it that!

The song is just okay.

As for the dance, the girls take over the whole song. At least, SM tossed a bone and gave him a dance break. Gee, that’s great! -_-

I wasn’t a huge fan of his pink hair but it was okay.

The clothes…erm…well…not a huge fan ^^;; All-in-all, the “She is” era wasn’t too bad πŸ™‚

Rating: 1/5 Stars

I tried everything in my power to not give it such a low rating, I really did! I just can’t find anything that I like about it. Sorry, Jonghyun 😦