I Miss You


I’m sorry. All I could do for you was to buy one of your favorite candles “Midsummer’s Night” and light it while listening to your music. The scent seems like something you would like and it seems like you in a way. It’s masculine but it’s also very soft and warm. I’ll always think of you whenever I see or smell the scent now.

It will be exactly two weeks since that day once the New Year comes and it still feels like yesterday to me. I’m just as sad as I was the day it happened but I’m trying to be okay. It’s during the night when I miss you the most and I’m laying in bed while trying to sleep. I don’t cry as often as I did the first week but there are certain times at night that I will or from certain things I see or hear. I really want SHINee 2018 Season’s Greetings, I want it more than anything. In fact, I want it more than anything I’ve ever wanted in my whole life. But I’m not the only one who wants the last pictures of you taken in SHINee before you went to rest, they all seemed to have sold out… 😥


And there it is, from 2018 Season’s Greetings… the picture that made me cry. I’ll cherish it. Maybe some day, I’ll have the real thing to cherish.

I don’t know, I find comfort in writing things out and it helps me instead of keeping things inside. It’s not like you’ll ever see this but I miss you very much. I’m sure your brothers are taking good care of your mother and sister ❤

A new year will begin soon. A year without you, how could it possibly be good in terms of SHINee and the fact I can’t see you anymore? I guess I just have to hold onto the memories. I’ll continue to listen to you and find comfort in your voice. I love you ❤

I’ll always have you with me in my heart and my mind.